Your Fiik Electric Skateboard is covered by a manufacturers warranty for 12 months from sale or confirmed date of delivery to you, against faulty workmanship for....

  • Motor Faults
  • Computer Control Module
  • Radio Receiver
  • Wireless Hand Controller Trigger
  • Battery (Both SLA & Lithium)
  • Truck faults & rubbers
  • Boards

These items are covered under normal use. THEY ARE NOT COVERED if your board has been subjected, but not limited to

  • Water Damage
  • Impact Damage
  • Dropping
  • Damage caused beacuse of tricks such as getting air, ramp jumps, grinding of axles or underneath components
  • Punctures
  • Exceeding excess designed weight loads

However even if it is your fault such as riding your board into the surf (which we have had) we are always happy to give you free advice on how to problem solve and fix the problem. If you live in Brisbane or can deliver and pick up from Brisbane we are happy to change any components over WITHOUT CHARGING LABOUR. This is part of our special service that we offer only to our registered customers. We do not offer this service to customers which have purchased their board from other retailers or online merchants. Because we ONLY SELL FIIK electric skateboards - we know and understand these boards inside out - buying from us you purchase with confidence knowing that you are always covered in the event of a warranty claim or a riding event not covered by our warranty.

Because we are so experienced in this field please note that if you ring up with a skateboard warranty issue we will diagnose this over the phone to a very specific level, so if you have done something you should not please let us know first.

Warranty return shipping is the responsibility of the customer, however Fiik will repair or replace and return free of charge

Packaging a return when returning merchandise, all items should include all packaging and accessories in its original carton intact.  Merchandise must be shipped via a professional freight carrier and must have board owners details on it. – The freight is to be paid by the board owner. All details about the board owner including email, mobile and address to be included.

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